Wednesday, August 24, 2011


For the past two weeks I'd been feeling like my left eye had something in it that I couldn't get out. I kept dropping eye drops in it and finally made an optometrist appointment and sure enough my eyes are irritated. No contact lenses for a week and I have to use special eye drops six times a day. I thought it might be that my vision was going or something but I'm glad it's just an irritation and that I'm not crazy and imagining things. I'm definitely prone to freaking out about medical stuff buy my optometrist confirmed there was something wrong. Anyway while I was there, what else can a girl do but try on glasses? I've had my two pairs for about four years and I think it's time for new ones.
I like this one best. Doesn't have those ray ban silver things on the side.
Well I can't order any because my eye is so irritated that it's not giving off a proper reading. Maybe laser eye surgery would be good for me.

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