Friday, August 12, 2011

finally, mr. orange

I've been trying to find the perfect orange nail polish since my sister and I had ours done awhile ago. Gone through a few and now, this is it: Essie Vermillionaire.
The picture I took looks really red but in person it's very orange, kinda like this one from Nailspotting.
And so you won't think I'm completely shallow for being as obsessed with nail polish as I am...

1) I have a bad nail biting habit. I've tried to kick it and by and large I have. When I see my nails doused in pretty colors, I am not tempted to bite them.

2) It's not just me but a lot of women in America that are turning to nail polish during times of economic trouble. According to PR Newswire, back in the day, women would buy lipstick as their way of adding some pizazz to their outfits without having to spend a lot. Nowadays, it's nail polish since women are forgoing trips to the salon and saving money by doing it themselves. Check the article out HERE.

Get some painting done this weekend. I want to see happy hands.

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