Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As the job I'm on pushes further into September meaning I'm getting more days of work, I start thinking about homey things I'd buy with my day rate. So here's my number one thing I want. The last item of furniture I will purchase while I'm living in this home.
I sent this image to Matt and the following conversation ensued. In this conversation he's the dude and I'm Nacho Libre:
I don't want to use it as a media console, I want to use it as a coffee table and was wondering if I was crazy. Crazier than the idiots that made aesthetic decisions and put xbox games next to a Wii. They thought nobody would notice, HA! Anyhoo...  CB2 has a beautiful yellow sofa and they paired it with the ridiculous console as coffee table and my my don't they look beautiful together?
Go ahead and say it. EvY, you are not crazy.

Thanks L.J.

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