Thursday, August 11, 2011

let's talk about wallpaper baby, let's talk about you and me

My favorite rooms are kitchens and offices. Those are the rooms with the most challenges because they have to be completely utilitarian and not be ugly. This becomes a challenge with things like printers and cables or TVs that are connected to a Wii and a Playstation 2. UGLY.
Which is why I love this giant cabinet. With the close of a door everything is hidden yet still accessible. Unfortunately by itself it's really boring and just screams "office furniture" which is why I added those little tape things for fun. It's a temporary solution and thought maybe wallpapering the front of it would make it look less officey.
When you wanna go for something fun, you gotta go Nina Campbell. Her shiz is the best. Anyway, as I browsed the web realizing I really wanted some kind of critter wallpaper I found and subsequently fell in love with this wallpaper of hers called aquarium.
Fishes! I was so obsessed with flamingos I forgot about my love of fishes and the sea. Sometime in '99 friends nicknamed me fishy 'cause of my aquarium volunteer life. Either that or the fact that I am fucking selFISH but let's pretend it was the former. I mocked up this little image to show what it would look like on the cabinet. 
I think I like it a boatload and somehow I feel like the nieces would love it too.

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