Tuesday, August 23, 2011

stranded at the drive-in

Branded: a fool. What will they say, Monday at school? SANDY! OH SANDY! Does anyone else think of Grease when they think of drive-ins? 'Cause I sure do. 

Matt and I went to the Vineland drive-in so I could check it off my summer to do list. Did you guys go to drive-ins growing up? Matt only recalls one time in his life but my dad would take my brother and I on weekends and we loved it. I went to the concession stand area to find a bathroom and it was just like I remembered. 
Before the movie started we had dinner on the cab of the truck. I brought the lawn chair pads and they worked nicely to cushion our tuchuses while we ate.
The show starts at dusk and there was a surprising amount of people there. A lot of them sat outside of their cars and while we did have the pickup, Matt wanted to stay inside where we could hear the movie better. It's $8.50 per person and you get to see two movies from the "comfort" of your car.
Comfort, hmm, not so much. It was a great experience though, nostalgic. I might try to talk Matt into it again another time.

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