Friday, August 12, 2011

lip balm

In the drawer of the side table by the couch Matt and I have a few supplies. I usually keep a thing of lip balm in there. I'd leave one by the side table and they'd end up in the drawer until one day I realized, there were five different ones in there.
A few days later at work as I reached for lip balm in my backpack I realized that between my purse and my backpack (where I stick the laptop) I had five other lip balms in my posession.
I have one in my office right in front of where I sit when I'm at my desk along with lotion.
In the desk drawer I found another lip balm and another lotion.
Next to my bed there's two. That orange ball is EOS lip balm. Not a fan of the scent but the balm is handily located.
Then in my medicine cabinet I had two of the exact same ones and I have one in the car. Which together add up to: 17. Seventeen lip balms.

I texted Ali to see if she knew my favorite. She did.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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