Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a wood coffee table for the office

For the past few months I've wanted a coffee table for the office. At the moment I had these two gray storage ottomans that have become a scratching post for the cat. I've since moved them under the window and they love it, sleeping on top and using it as a seat to look out the window into the front yard so I don't wanna move them back but I would like a flat surface on which to put my feet up and set my tea on when I'm in here watching "Call the Midwife" and whatnot. Originally I wanted this coffee table which I'm sorry to say is $400. Eeek. 
While mostly I love it and still want it, I've really loved how the coffee table in the living room has a bottom shelf where we put big beautiful books and magazines for people to peruse while hanging and if there's one thing I have piles of it's magazines so I was starting to think about something with a bottom shelf and maybe something made of wood just to mix it up in there. This one's from World Market.
This one is from Ikea.
And this one is from Wayfair.
My beef with these tables though, is their rough edges especially knowing a little girl will be hanging around in the office toddling around it's corners. I guess I'll have to keep looking...

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Michelle said...

I got rid of a few coffee tables because of head bonks and bloody lips.. I'm a firm ottoman convert while having a toddler. I was literally just thinking today that my kids are finally big enough now for a real table. We're growing up.