Thursday, June 26, 2014

our baby shower sprinkle

Us lucky brats, Matt and myself got two baby showers for this little girl and this one was just as lovely and fun as the first. Like the first one, it was suited to our personalities, with mostly mingle time and no games. This one had a pool so there was a big activity you could partake in and it was definitely warm enough for pool time. The theme was a sprinkle and the deserts were all kind of cute sprinkly things.
We had it at my in-law's pool area where we've had many a pool party and this is now our second baby shower. We've had Liz's, Angie's 1st Birthday, Savannah's 1st Birthday, and now our shower.
My mother in-law had a cute idea to have everyone sign a book. The winning book was "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" which is apropos since we have/love cats, had cupcakes at our wedding and cupcakes have sprinkles.
Here's us. What a handsome man I married.
Our wonderful in-laws, the hosts. I'm such a lucky lady for having them nearby.
I had planned a more casual shorts kinda outfit but I knew my mom would want me to wear a dress for all the pictures we'd be in so I was obedient. Can I brag about how that dress is not maternity? I actually wore it last year to Miri's wedding rehearsal. Yay for being cheap.
The place was quickly filled with family.
Lookat this happy scene here.
Once Lyla arrived, she and Angie were inseparable. It was as if nobody else really mattered, they were each other's whole world. They really are the best of friends those two.
And would you look at this miracle here. A photograph of everybody in my immediate family with the exception of the two babies currently in their momma's bellies.
Did I mention my brother and his wife are having a baby? She's due December 7. Three babies in one year, separated by 5 months each. 
Belly to belly.
We got a lot of great presents. Lots of clothes and lots of diapers in various sizes. Well done family, you know what we really need.
Two presents made me cry, which should surprise no one. The first one was from Angie, she chose a pair of little shoes for baby Alice and was very excited to present them to me with all the little love in her sweet heart. I thought about how she was our first baby and thanked the Lord for such a special young lady she is turning out to be. 
The other present was from Matt's aunt Michelle. Matt's grandma Rosemary after whom our daughter is being named is in a home with very advanced Alzheimer's. Before she started getting worse, Michelle had the foresight to have grandma knit as much stuff as she could for the grandkids and great grandkids and one of those items was a blanket in all these pretty pastel colors. I stared crying right away and had wanted so much for something special like that we could pass onto our kids and now we have it. There's a label on it that says it was made by Rosemary and our Rosemary will be wrapped in it. *SOB* *UGLY CRY* *SOB*
I love these faces.
Thanks for the loot gang, can't wait to organize it in our girl's room.
And now our girl has permission from us to come whenever she wants. Ideally in July but really, whenever is good. Oh and I promised her an iPhone for her 18th birthday if she waited until after the shower so now I've gotta pay up on that. A deal is a deal.

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