Friday, June 27, 2014

live every day like it could be labor day

Well I'm a ticking time bomb of baby over here and could go at any moment!

On Thursday we had our birthing class in which I realized I am full of knowledge in labor and delivery and can learn no more, now it's time to just do it. Which is just the feeling I was going for when approaching labor. Jodie Foster tells a story during the filming of "Taxi Driver" where Robert De Niro had her learn her lines so well and went over their scenes backwards and forwards that she was bored and they could improvise easily. I know it's sort of a weird analogy but that was sort of my goal with childbirth, the more I knew the better. It was a nice class though, the instructor gave the dads in the class a lot of attention and taught them massage techniques for mom and it was special watching the couples going through it together, a nice reminder that it takes two people to bring a baby into the world and how much of a help they are going to be to mom during labor and with baby afterwards.

So, we're enjoying things we can do while we wait since I've read all I can and prepped as much as I can. The nursery is pretty much done, I've washed baby clothes, packed a hospital bag… I'm done.

Matt went on a hike today, tomorrow night we have another screening at Paramount, and we're trying to make it to a Dodger game on Monday. Just trying to enjoy it being us two before it becomes us three.

Have a great weekend everybody. Hope you spend some time with your best friend.

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