Thursday, June 19, 2014

the colors of our house

I dunno why but I'd been wanting to make a little color chart of the rooms in our home. I think I wanted to see what colors keep appearing in the house and I kept gravitating towards the purchase of certain colors when choosing accessories like turquoise/teal. With the upcoming addition of our lady friend, pink got added to the mix though my office has its share of pink for certain. Anyway, I made this little chart of colors that I'd like to have and colors that are in our home. The big box is the color of the walls in each room or color we'd eventually like that room to be.
As you can see, yellow made an appearance in almost every room in our house though in the master, the room whose palette is the total opposite of the bright colors I gravitate towards everywhere else in the house, it's brass/gold, a sort of yellow. There's black and white in every room in the house except that in the office and master I have no black except the door hardware. The master is certainly the odd man out in the house because it's the room where we sleep and I just didn't want anything bright in there, I wanted it white, navy, grey, things that make you think about relaxation and deep sleep.

Fun right? Are there colors you realize show up a lot in your home?