Friday, June 13, 2014

the almost father

This will be Matt's last father's day where he's the father of just pets. Next year he'll be a full fledged official dad. And since it's the day of dad's this Sunday I thought I'd tell you about my husband and how pretty dang great he is and what a good dad I think he's gonna be.

Matt has one sister so he didn't really do a lot of baby watching when he was younger but once the nieces started coming around, so did Matt. He's only had experience with girls and they love their "Uncle Map". He's taken Lyla on days all by himself and saw just how tiring it can be to watch a three year old all by yourself.  A few years ago such a thing would have scared him but now, he's a pro.
From the get-go of this pregnancy Matt has been the hands down best helper and friend a girl could ask for. From the moment I told him this girl was coming he has been supportive, positive, calm, hilarious, and overall just incredibly caring of me and our girl. From the early days when I was rushing to the toilet to upchuck the contents of my stomach when he'd be right behind me rubbing my back and flushing the toilet, 'til the big round wife days lately where he takes on a lion's share of household work so that I don't have to. Recently he also went through our monthly bills and expenses and was on the phone with everyone trying to lower costs and making plans to cut back on non-essentials.
All the while still being a doting dad to our four pets.
And on top of all that, along with the other awesomest dad I know, he remodeled the backyard for our baby's BBQ in the hot Burbank sun.
So happy father's day honey. I can't wait to see you hold our little lady 'cause she'll be way less hairy and prone to shedding and needless barking at the mailman than our other kids.
Happy Father's Day to all the other dad's out there. You ain't half bad yourself.

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