Monday, June 2, 2014

guess what we got done before the party

Painting is one of Matt's least favorite things to do and while it's not exactly fun city for me, I'm always really happy when it's done. This is another one of those things I really wanted to get done before the baby too and luckily we got it done before the party as well.
I'd bought the paint color a year ago in the hopes of using this color for the living room too but since that'll be a project and a half, we just did the hallway for now. The name of it is "Moonshine" by Benjamin Moore and it's a nice light grey.
Since the office is so loud and full of color and the nursery will be too it was nice to just have a neutral color to land on in the midst of all the bright.
Here's the view from the office into the hallway.
You can see the contrast between the old color that was there before, that yellow-y beige.
As far as plans for other updates for the hallway the only thing I want to do is move that sconce and have the lighting come from overhead as either a plain light fixture or recessed lighting and that would inevitably mean re-painting the ceiling. And the doors, honestly, most of the doors in the house could stand for either a total replacement or a serious stripping and repaint since they're so old and have been painted over tons of times.
But, you know, it's a hallway. Nice enough for now.

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