Monday, June 23, 2014

summer bar

We moved the bar ovah here and I'm thinking I dig it since it's right next to an outlet where we can plug in a radio when we're out here and a lamp or something. I put up the little lemonade sign and the coasters but most else is out of sight due to this icky film that cakes everything out here.
Matt installed this dog water fountain a few weeks ago, a great idea of his. I kept asking how the dogs would figure it out and he said "they will" and a few days later, they got it. Now we don't have to worry about refilling water bowls, they take care of it themselves.
I put out a few summer supplies in the bowl that has a lid so that if we're out here and need utensils or napkins we're good to go.
I wish I could leave things out all styled and ready to go but as I mentioned earlier, it gets gross out here. The more time I spend out here the happier I be.

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