Friday, June 20, 2014

summer switches for the living room

It's that magical time of year when I can make the place colorful at whim. 
Our front yard has this really cool tree that I can see from my office and it blooms these cool magenta blooms in the spring/summer. I dunno what the tree is but in winter it looks dead, then it lives.
Anyway, I stole some clippings from it for the dining space.
Dining hutch got some fake lemons.
Flamingo cups are back.
And so are the flamingo pillows.
The sarape usually sits in my office but its looking quite at home out here. In the background you can see the beach bag and sun hats ready for action.
And the big ole seahorse returns as well as salt water taffy in Grandma Rosemary's candy dish.
We're off to La Mirada again for our second baby shower on Saturday at our in-laws' pool area. I'm really excited to see our family and for them to see me in all my chunky glory. They keep asking for photos and now they get to see the action in person. On Sunday we're hosting the fam back at our house for a viewing of Team USA vs. whoever and some carne asada time in our dope backyard.

Have a great weekend everybody, go USA.

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