Monday, June 30, 2014

stunt stitch

So… I have this stuffed Stitch doll. I wasn't really planning on handing it down to my children, it was a purchase I'd made for myself years ago but as this pregnancy has progressed, I've been using him as a stunt baby/stand-in for testing out baby products and such and it's kind of become this funny series.

Here's Stitch testing a cloth diaper:
Checking if the wonderland diaper looks good with the white crib sheet:
Testing the Puj tub:
Testing the Ergo Carrier:
The breastfeeding pillow and glider:
The infant insert for the Ergo:
And the new changing pad cover:
I guess once Alice is born Stitch will be hers but, he'll kind of always be mine.

I do owe you all a final nursery tour before she's born. I'm waiting for the ottoman and rug to feel mostly complete but I think when she's born I'll see what re-arranging needs to happen and what art suits her personality and what I can add to the room.

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