Thursday, June 12, 2014

eventual updates for the guest bath

The winning room for first up on a big demo list will be the guest bath. Not that we're doing that this year, heck no, maybe next year. Out of pure necessity it shot to the top of the list because the bathtub is looking like zis.
The house flippers in all their brilliance decided that instead of replacing it, they just painted over the bathtub and the surrounding wall and guess what, the tub is now peeling.
If we replace the tub we might as well replace the fixtures and tile it while we're at it which of course just steam rolls a whole slew of projects I mean, once you're down to the studs, why not right? And while everything is perfectly livable as it is right now, here's what I would do to the place. Which is pretty much to replace pretty much everything but here it is anyway. Obviously, replace the light fixture with something more retro/modern. Another mirror or have a medicine cabinet instead.
This isn't the worst thing in the world but it's not my style. It does however have that good mix of open and closed storage so whatever I find to replace it would have to have that. I'm thinking of either something white, black, or wood.
As you can see, it's pretty full in there with guest essentials but we did make room for a few of our girl's things in the upper right like shampoo, bubble bath, and detangling spray.
And the bottom has her little toothbrush and the guest toothbrushes.
Here's a mini update I'd like to make: spray painting these hinges black.
Probably would replace this with a dual flush toilet.
I was considering a pedestal sink but man, we need all the storage we can get in this little place so we'll need a very tiny sink cabinet for the area. I dunno much about what color or anything but I'm leaning towards oil rubbed bronze (aka black) type hardware. Yeah what a surprise.
As far as accent colors in the room to be totally 100% predictable but I am. Yellow.
I'm considering adding color with either the bathmat, the shower curtain, or the towels. And obviously I'd like to change the flooring. I was considering black penny tile but since I'm still in love with the idea of painting the bathroom black, mostly a black sliver around the top (like this) it might be too much black on black action so now I think maybe some sort of white tile flooring.
It was already leaning toward yellow being the color and then adding the bathrobe cemented it.
As far as overhead lighting, we would love to install a solar tube since there's no windows in there and we'd have to keep a vent going in there as well but maybe something not as ugly.
As far as the tub area I think classic subway tile would get the job done, making a little shelf space somewhere for bath products.
And a taller and slightly wider shower head.
All these thoughts percolate in my brain about the guest bath remodel. I'll add some more later… 

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Man-Delicious said...

Is there really such a thing as too much black on black action!?!?!?!?!