Friday, June 6, 2014

baby bath prep

We had our friends & co-worker baby shower BBQ last Saturday (I'll post some pictures later) and we were gifted with some little things for our little lady. I was particularly excited to receive items for bath time because honestly, bathing a baby scares the crap out of me. I think I've bathed my nieces maybe once by myself and those suckers are slippery. Anyway… I wasted no time making room for them in the guest bath aka her bathroom. Here's her towels (I sewed a piece or ribbon on the towels to make them easier to hang dry) and her little bathrobe. 
I mounted the first aid kit and put the washcloths in this little basket.
We also received the Puj bathtub and while it doesn't quite fit in the guest bath sink, Matt suggested the kitchen sink and that will be terrific, especially since the sink has a retractable nozzle and we can better direct the water spray. Here's our model Stitch chilling in the Puj.
The main selling point for this infant tub vs. others is that it opens flat and I just hang it on a hook in the guest bath to dry between use. Modern baby stuff man. It's a whole new world.
Today we're heading to La Mirada for some pool time/in-law hanging out for a night. I'm very much looking forward to pretending it's our weekend getaway to a Mexican hot spot.

Have a great weekend everyone. Splish splash it up.

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