Thursday, March 20, 2014

apologies for anyone following me on pinterest

It's a lot of outdoor furniture lately. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be shopping for outdoor furniture for reals. I think that since our marriage, I've made some rather hasty decisions in regards to outdoor furniture due to lack of money and more about things being temporary and cheap rather than for posterity and comfort.

The first patio set was for our first apartment. I had two metal folding chairs for some reason and bought an $8 Ikea table so that was that. We rarely used this little area. 
The plastic chair didn't survive the move to the condo but the chairs did. We bought a $20 small patio folding table at Target that we actually still have and would have the occasional meal out in the front patio. The metal chairs were not very comfortable.
We bought a few matching metal benches for the front and I added a few cushions to make them more comfortable but it wasn't really enough. We'd sit out here once in a blue moon but again, not often.
Now I'm pinning like crazy because our made over patio will deserve some nice grown up furniture and the most important thing to me is comfort + longevity. The longevity is two fold. I want the items to be durable and last us a long time but also for people to want to spend long time in them. No one wants to be sitting at an outdoor space that's uncomfortable.
Of course though, the often winning furniture store is our friends from Sweden since their prices are so right but I want to make sure the items are butt friendly.

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