Monday, March 10, 2014

let's get springy with it

On Sunday at Lowe's we bought three big lavender bushes for the front of the house. Well, I thought they were big until Matt planted them. Comically not big enough. 
We looked at them and thought hmm.. two more? Or maybe mix it up. I want big bright bushes that will attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds so they can help with pollination once we get the garden growing.

It was a beautiful weekend wasn't it? Matt & I spent the evening before we lost the sun outside trimming the trees and it felt so good to be out there with shears and trimmers. Matt said he liked seeing me do yard work. I don't mind yard work at all, I just hadn't had the time nor motivation and now that that beautiful weather seems to be sticking around, I think I'm getting inspired.

Did you guys spend time outdoors? We spent the weekend throwing a blanket down in the front with the four pets giving us a nature show. My dogs are SO dang happy rolling and running around in grass.

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