Thursday, March 13, 2014

there she is… miss america...

Well, she's here. The bed I've been wanting for about four years (seriously, I checked the blog, about four years). Man it was great having someone deliver and assemble it. I think it's the only time that's ever happened.
We went with this blue-ish gray color fabric, very satisfied. It's always really scary ordering something so large on the internet never having seen the finished product in person. I had seen swatches of it but not the whole thing. Anyway, looks dope. The base has these metal beams to support the mattress and we also have a bunky board on top of them for added support. The major reason we wanted one of these upholstered headboards was because we are big on reading in bed and let me tell you, life changer how comfortable it is to lay in bed here now, especially because the headboard has a slight tilt. And since the cats aren't allowed in bed we're not worried about them destroying our beautiful bed.
I'm unsure of the wall color to go in here eventually. I have a very grey grey in mind though just like the last house maybe a tinge lighter. I'd also like all white bedding. We'll see how that looks together.
I ordered different colored legs than came stock and they were totally worth it.
And with this bed in place, we're now actual grown ups and I can check another thing off the to-do list. Of course now the hunt for better nightstands is on and upon preliminary research, it's just gonna take some time because the dimensions we need for it are very specific.

I can't speak for Matt but I slept like a log last night. I feel as if I went to bed in one position and didn't wake up until my early morning pee break in the exact same position. Can't wait to be laying here holding a baby, who probably will NOT be sleeping like a log.

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