Thursday, March 6, 2014

meeting the nephew

On Sunday we got to meet the first boy born into our family in 30 years. Crazy right? We're all about the ladies around our parts. But here he is, all the adorable-ness that is a newborn baby and us, all the amateur that is soon to be parents. This is in between me smelling him. Babies smell so good.
Ah my husband with a baby. Nothing better.
We tried to give him a Misfits style hairdo...
Here's everyone but Esther and Liz's husband Cesar. Cesar, Angie's dad, came by to represent for Esther. He's still and always shall be part of the family.
Do you know how much Angie and Lyla entertain each other and us? They have minds of their own and speak in full sentences now! I love watching our family grow.

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