Thursday, March 27, 2014

painting the roses red… err… blue

Well we painted our little rose's room blue. The color we went with was Benjamin Moore's Colorado Gray which is not really grey but blue. I mean, it has twinges of grey and green but it's a cool blue. 
I could have done a baby blue type thing but, that's kinda predictable.
We tacked painting the closet which as of print time I decided to change the color to the same one in the laundry room. I went with elephant grey like the previous color of the walls but in a closet it was way too dark. Anyway, painting the closet meant everything had to come out of both rooms and it's great because it really kicks my butt into shuffling all this stuff out of here to make room for baby.
And here's what it will look like against the grey cabinet. Pretty no?
Man, it's so nice to have that out of the way.
I mentioned that I would love it if the basics of her room were ready by the time the party happened so people could check out her room in person. I'm glad that's two months away, gives me some time to get things done and it's a nice deadline clock.

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