Sunday, March 23, 2014

backyard makeover: it starts

Last week Matt and both our dads began the backyard makeover. The first thing to go was the ugly old concrete walkway. Can you see where it previously was?
We are going to build a wall in front of the current concrete wall that's higher and will block some of the nastiness from the alley behind us, sort of along these lines. You know, modern looking but simple.
 The boys started the build with the support beams for the fence. Progress!
Along this wall near the tree there was formerly a really nasty outdoor sink which actually, I'm kind of a fan of the idea but this one was beyond gross. We will be having some sort of outdoor water feature here eventually and it's nice that we have a water line already ready to go.
The plan here is to have some plants along the wall of the Hannger (aka the garage) and some electricity to plug in those cool outdoor bulbs for dinner parties. This dirt will eventually become the pebbly ground for the dining area.
Well it's starting and next week the boys are continuing so wish them fair weather. I'll be at work but they'll be the ones coming home with achy feet (actually I still come home with achy feet sitting at a computer all day, twenty extra pounds to carry around is no joke).

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