Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the new nursery mood board

After a few turns and tweaks and here's the overall plan for our girl's bedroom. As you can see, nothing is very baby specifc except the crib and the changing pad over the dresser (and even the changing pad can be removed to make it a normal dresser again). We already have the rug, cabinet, dresser, and white side table. All else has to be purchased.
And 'cause I couldn't quite fit it all in one page, here's a little smorgasbord of things around the internet that give it a little bit of a "wonderland" vibe. The mobile really sets the tone for the colors in the room. I don't have to get these specific things but that's kinda what I'm digging overall. Oh, I do have the porcelain rabbit and the flowery bins.
Now, the closet for our girl. I'm a little stumped. What would be a good color in there? I was thinking a light gray but I feel like I'd be buying her a lot of grey clothes. Hmm. Or maybe even the color that's in the guest room now, the elephant grey, it's like purple-y gray. Ideas anyone?

What do you think of the new overall plan?

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Michelle said...

pretty and practical.