Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well the nursery theme just got a little bit easier to determine...
Our little alien is a little lady. We got a good look at her at today's ultrasound and first and foremost, she is 100% healthy. No signs of abnormalities, four chambers in the heart, spine is perfect, 10 fingers and 10 toes, opens and closes her hands, kicking her legs in the air, moving around, heart beat fine, 1.2 pounds and right on track as far as development and still aiming on that original due date. A huge sigh of relief for this worrier. Oh and it's definitely just one baby. WHEW.

She's already in there plotting world domination and I'm doing my best to contain her, after all, I'm just a vessel for this little spot of rosy.

Edit: Tonight as I brushed my teeth I started crying.  As I thought about the fact that she has a four chambered heart it just hit me how stressed out I had been about the health of this baby. I was worried about if it would have down syndrome, if it would have all it's limbs, what if it's got a cleft palette, and so on. The technician mentioned that her and the doctor had a recent bout of abnormal ultrasounds and it was really nice to have one that was wonderfully boring and healthy. And now that all the dust has settled and I've stared at her picture over and over amazed at just how miraculous babies are, all of the fears started floating away replaced by a huge wave of relief and gratitude. Maybe it's the reality hitting me that there really is a little human growing inside of me and it's Matt & mine. This is really happening. And I could not be happier.

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