Wednesday, March 5, 2014

in case you're wondering what i dress like while pregnant...

Pretty much exactly the same as when I'm not pregnant. I lucked out and found some super comfy and hip pregnancy jeans at H&M that are light grey. Don't they look just like normal jeans? Far as tops, I have about half a dozen proper maternity shirts and then I just wear my usual jackets and sweaters unbuttoned and I can wear a few of my regular tops still. This shirt is maternity:
This one is not:
The maternity tops are pretty basic like a white or black t-shirt or tank tops. I honestly don't want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes, it's just such a short while I'll use them. Other than that I can get away with wearing a few regular shirts still. I recently went through my closet to box away the things I can't wear right now so when I go into the closet I know I fit into all the shirts that are hanging and save myself the hassle of wasting precious getting ready in the morning time. The box of things that don't fit anymore is getting larger and larger. 

Now… I wonder. What will I dress this kid like? Me right? I mean, what else am I gonna dress it like? I'm gonna dress it how I would dress. Right?

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