Monday, March 10, 2014

rosy bins

A few of the elements from Alice in Wonderland were roses. While at Target after a particularly blue day at work I stumbled across these fabric bins that were on sale. They were $5 each and I wondered hmm, could three of them fit perfectly on that bottom shelf in the bookcase? The answer was yes.
This isn't the final look for the bookcase by any means but it did add the right amount of "girl".
I really don't want to overdo the Wonderland theme. I want it to be really subtle in the room and in her life and I don't want to jam it down her or anyone's throat. In fact this overall mood board was great in that you get the idea without being too literal:
Isn't it terrific? It's almost like you would walk into the room and start seeing all these things that seem to not make sense and then it starts dawning on you… wait a minute, that weird mirror with the feet, the bunny, the spades, the doorknobs, the posters… is it… Wonderland?

I am madly coveting these hooks and these hooks and this lamp at the moment though the price UGH, and I did buy this print because it pretty much sums it all up. Anyway, we haven't done a thing in the room quite yet but it's gonna happen soon.

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