Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the thing i said i didn't need but totally bought

After the first bench was purchased at Costco for $40, we moved the previous patio bench in the anticipation that we would get rid of it and the placement prompted me to ask Matt if we could get a second bench. He said yes. Good man.

"I swear I won't want anything else for the patios". 

I now wanted a ceramic drum garden stool. Maybe because I'm a conformist, maybe because I wanted to buy into a trend that everyone else was buying into and was overusing in adorable ways every freaking time:
Maybe cause Mary McDonald did it too:
 Maybe because the garden stool was on sale at Target for $69:
I just couldn't bite the bullet though.

But then... *cue dramatic music*

There it was at Big Lots for $20. And there it is in our front patio with our new bench:
How could I say no?

Matt thinks it's UGLY. I am really into it.

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Miri said...

Big Lots, huh? Wow, I just looked online at target... $189.00!!!! Well, I love it. Perfect for my balcony. I'll be on the look-out. :)