Sunday, March 7, 2010

inspired by michelle

Michelle has two little girls so obviously she reminds me of this little girl's room from Blueprint. The mother of the room was adopting a little girl from China and had built the nursery into a walk in closet.
Michelle's girls are lucky enough to have their own rooms but you can be cute with limited space if you're resourceful enough.
Yes, I do have images of children's rooms in my design inspiration folders. Don't get any ideas, it's for other people. What do you think Michelle? By the way your girls need stuffed elephants, do you have some?


Michelle said...

my girls are lacking in the stuffed elephant department. claire is also lacking in the closet door department. i am gonna copy with fabric... but that means i need to sew... and we all know that's not gonna happen...

EvY said...

Well Michelle you're in luck. You can actually make a curtain without having to sew. Someone made a nice tutorial:

You're welcome.