Friday, March 12, 2010

Kitchen WEEK Finale- Chuck Williams and His Empire

I hope you enjoyed kitchen week. And since the end is also the beginning (who wrote that), I will think of the future and what I'd like for my kitchen and also look at the past from whence we came in American kitchens.

While watching a campy Bruce Campbell movie with Matt, I excused myself to the kitchen to watch a video posted on this girl's blog about Chuck Williams, the founder of Williams Sonoma and therefore Pottery Barn and West Elm. Hot diggity:

The chick's post concluded with a wishlist of Williams Sonoma products and not to totally rip her off but I definitely agreed with some stuff and decided to make one of my own.

These are the legitimate wants from Williams Sonoma. 

1) Good knives. From anywhere except Ikea.
2) Good kitchen shears. They might be included in the knife set.
3) Glass prep bowls. Cause hermajesty has them and I'm a sheep. Baa!
4) Salad Emulsifier. I almost always make my own salad dressing. Please with the shocked look. I don't buy dressing 'cause it goes bad before I use it so I always use olive oil and vinegar and combinations of other stuff. Sometimes lemons, oranges, or herbs.
5) Lemon reamer. This, I don't really need per se I mean I do use lemons a boatload when I'm cooking but I just really want it as a decorative item and because Chuck Williams himself spoke of its longevity and importance to his company.
6) Also one of those I don't really need them items but I fear the only way I will be able to afford something Al Clad is if it's TINY.
7)  Peugeot u'Select Lacquered Salt & Pepper Mills, Dijon. Yes, they're yellow. And they're SUPER expletive expensive. I wonder if I could just spray paint a regular salt and pepper mill set to make it look yellow without putting my health in danger:
8) Salt mill. Pretty freaking cute. I have my salt in a big reused jar that once held pasta sauce. Works fine. This is just a great image with the rosemary in the background:
9) Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven 5 1/2 qt. A bargain at $230. GULP. But oh so beautiful and oh so necessary, even if I end up buying a knock off version of it:
10)Essentials of French Cooking cookbook. I know I have Mastering The Art of French Cooking but I have a suspicion it is photo-less. This one looks like it would be more manageable:
11) White dinnerware. I seriously want to switch out all my black stuff for white stuff. All the great cooks have them and I want my own set. Doesn't have to be from here, could be Kmart, could be Ikea, I just want the food to look prettier on the plate:
12) Al Clad ladle. This I kind of need legitimately. The one we have is plastic and old, I might bring it home soon, even if its the Target version:
13) Cookie cutters you can put messages on. Stupid crap is out of stock now, I guess a lot of girls decided that throwing a baby shower for their sister and writing something baby related on it would be super cute for the guests:
14) Meyer lemon tree. I have a fake lemon tree in the kitchen, real would be better:
Now we enter the ridiculous that I neither need nor plan on purchasing but will still include.

15) Lemon scented hand soap, hand lotion, candle, and dish soap. Actually I do own lemon antibacterial soup and lotion and a lemon scented candle from Bath & Body Works. But I wanted to include this image cause it's so well staged and pretty:
16) Lemon wreath. Okay this I kind of keep thinking about how cool it would be for the summer outside our door. $80 is way too much though, wonder if I could DIY it:
17) Embroidered lemon placemats. HIYO! I loves:
Bon Apetit!

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Miri said...

A.) My dad was taking pain pills and watching infomercials. He bought 4 knife sets. I am now the proud owner of a FABULOUS knife set. I just wish he would have given me two for kosher reasons. :)

B.) I have been obsessed with dutch ovens for the past two weeks. I found a yellow one at Home Goods for $49.99.

C.)There is this place (totally forgot the name) by Bookstar on Ventura and Laurel Canyon with WHOLESALE home furnishings. And guess what? The wholesale stuff, 1/2 off. They also have a warehouse in NoHo open to the public.