Saturday, March 20, 2010

el shower para mi sister (part 1)

Throwing another baby shower. That's me. Here's the deal. While at first we were going to have the party at our house, we went to the pool/cabana area of our complex and decided since we're expecting about 40-50 people, that having it there would be awesome. Especially with beautiful California weather. I'm waiting to hear back from the guy that's in charge of the pool area to see if it's avail.

It has an outdoor seating area:
Awnings galore:
A grill:
A little grassy picnic area:
We know how I feel about picnics:
And of course, a pool:
There's even some indoor dining available:
There's a fridge:
And a perfect place to put drinks:
And the best part, bathrooms so no one has to go to my house and pee:
Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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