Wednesday, March 24, 2010

el shower para mi sister (part 2)

For the decor, we made these little poufy ball things from a tutorial at So easy, it's just tissue paper and Mari, Liz, and I spent a few hours on Sunday making like 20 of these and I still have more tissue paper left! We're gonna hang them all over the place to make it cutesy. You should see the closet of the drum room, packed to the gills with poufy balls. The colors are sort of hot pink and green but mainly just colorful. I coulda sworn I took a picture of the proposed table decor but I guess not, I'll upload it later. It's so simple.
I decided on an activity, well kind of one. I made a box and wrapped it with ribbons that go with the projected colors of hot pink and green.
Then we will have the guests fill out a card with either baby name ideas (sis has not yet settled on a name), parenting advice, or general well wishes. You write your name on the card and we'll have a raffle with fabulous prizes AKA whatever I find from the dollar section at Target that boys and girls would like. I might even spring for $2.5 prizes.
It's really helpful to have a printer and office fully stocked with index cards and ink to do such projects in 15 minutes.
This took some more time. In lieu of the candy buffet thing which I love how it looks and maybe we'll have a few on display just for funsies, we're gonna have the parting gifts be these little candy bags with a card that says:
Again, it helps to have some semblance of computer skills/supplies on hand.
I hate baby showers, detest them. A brilliant blogger said she doesn't understand theme-ing it to a baby because the shower is for the mommy, so why not make it something the mommy will enjoy? This shower is like Liz, happy & fun.

Plus, let's be real, the shower is an excuse to get presents for a first time parent and I used to feel weird about it but now, heck no. My sister is gonna be a 20 year old single mom and she needs stuff for the child that she can't afford to buy herself. And when people get married, they're starting out and need stuff too. So I know that my investment in the party is gonna have immediate results when my sister gets baby stuff she genuinely needs. endrant

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