Friday, March 12, 2010

Kitchen WEEK- my pantry

Here is my pantry. Full to the brim 'cause it's a good week.
Oils, vinegars (including malt vinegar for my french fries), and a few bottles of wine:
Vitamins, oatmeal, instant breakfast, claritin for the allergics, and boxes of mac n' cheese:
The cans, the onions, the garlic. Underneath you can get a shot of the right side of the baking shelf, I didn't really take a good pic of it:
Next to the cans, the pastas in their individual labeled containers:
Baking shelf. These are very importante:
Drinks- teas, hot chocolates, and emergen-c:
Black canisters for dry goods, a scale that does work once you figure out how to set it to zero, stupid EvY, lovely black marble cheese board:

Bottom shelf- Entertaining stuff. Platters, serving plates:
Drink dispensers. I own three, shameful. Chargers. Trays, baskets:
All that's left is to show my fridge. And you won't get that without buying me dinner.

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