Friday, March 19, 2010

it gets worse people...

When I said I don't like florals, I obviously meant I don't like florals unless they're really bright and right around spring time when I'm just itching for flowers and girly things from say a London based department store that's selling wares in the US.

This is what I have purchased so far in addition to the stuff I posted earlier. Save me.

I'm proud to say these are all dirty now 'cause I worked in the front yard:
These are also dirty now. I just really thought the packaging was great:
In the living room dining area now. Awaiting cookies.
Couldn't find a good product shot of these two frames online, they're little. I put little things in them as well that bring me big smiles. Am I a horrible person that a picture of my niece crying makes me smile? Especially knowing she was in genuine pain at the time?
I collect notebooks a little bit:
Stuff I want. 

Melamine bowls x 4 ($2.49 each):
Salad plate x 4 ($2.49):
Tumbler x4 ($2.49 each):
Mug x 4 ($4.99 each):
Jar x 1 ($19.99 each):

You can see the bind I'm in. Especially since this stuff is getting picked over like condoms before Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche were going on vacation at the drug store.

I am such a sheep. Target owns me.

Wait, no I'm not, cause when Target released all that Orla Keily crap I was like no thank you.

Whew, now I can sleep at night. While visions of florals dance in my head.

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