Monday, March 15, 2010

unemployed in iphone pictures

This is the beginning of my third week without a job. (explanation: I'm freelance and in between jobs, waiting to hear when we start the next one, should be soon)

I've realized that you may have copious amounts of free time when you're unemployed to say, work on projects around the house but then you would be wrong because you don't have four siblings and a mother that take up the bits and bobs of your free time. Not that I'm complaining, that's my not a new thing, after watching depressing documentaries and Sicko, I've even further resolved that a complaint must be followed by an "but at least.... insert grateful item here". Let's try some examples. "I hate how long the water takes to turn hot before I can wash my face... but at least we have an amazing home and don't live on the street." Things like that. Also, Somalia is a terrible place to live, I feel so bad for them. But at least I don't live there.

So with THEJOB that takes up a lot of time, having free time alleviates THEGUILT of not having time to hang with the family and let me tell you, I've had lots of time to do lots of things while at the same time, have lots of time to do practically nothing. It's bliss.

And now I have completely ruined the point of this post which was to upload a bunch of images without saying words. Well, at least you have a computer to check the internet whereas some people don't even have clean drinking water.
And regarding my stance on complaining, do not be tempted to compliment me on said policy because I can be accused of lots of things but ungrateful is not one of them, so feel free to compliment the daffodils, just not me.


thehickles said...

Mmm, now I want grilled cheese and tomato soup, cooked carrots and potatoes Aug Gratin! Mmmm!

thehickles said...

... but at least I have enough food in the fridge to fully satisfy my hungry tummy, but also taste good while I eat it!