Friday, March 5, 2010

i love lamp

My brother was cleaning out his apartment and there was an item that has no place in my home but sat on my desk for many years at Biola and a few years in my old apartment.
It was so special to me at the time. MY desk lamp, with my office supplies, and which I would use when staying up late on the computer. It spent a lot of time with me and now it's getting donated to be a special part of someone else's life. Bye bye lamp.


scrplyr said...

EvY...i'm in love with the most platonic way have i never seen this blog!!! now i just got one favor to ask...can you lend me some of your energy...even the thought of getting up right now to pee is exhausting me!!!


Michelle said...

i am platonically in love with both of you and your lamps.