Monday, March 8, 2010

Kitchen WEEK- OPWK Other People's White Kitchens

Hi! Welcome to Kitchen Week! It is exactly what it sounds like, a week of only kitchen related stuff. Other people's kitchens and of course, a peek into my cupboards, drawers, everything, nothing left unseen, full frontal kitchen.

To start things up, we will have a bunch of images of white kitchens because they're my favorite. I'll try to pinpoint what about that particular kitchen endears it to me.

This image in BHG was what prompted me to paint the kitchen blue. Also the dark countertop and dark island and lighting, tres magnifique:
Also from BHG, I love the floorplan and almost everything about this kitchen:
The cookbooks on the island. Aunt J has her island like that, beautiful:
The rolling storage on the counter (next to the coffee machine), the dark gray countertop, the glass shelves, the faucets:
The layout, the glass jars on the countertop, the fact that the appliances are white and disappear into the rest of the kitchen:
 So mod squad. Grey paint. Chevron rug. Bright yellow:
The dog bowls under the cupboard:
Everything. The floors:
The window ledge and shades:
The French Laundry Cookbook that I also own. Open shelves under the cupboard. GENIAL:
The lighthing. The stools:
The marble countertops, the frosted glass doors, the bookcase built into the walls:
The modern front cabinetry:
 So white so right.

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Miri said...

You read my mind. Bought paint this weekend for my kitchen... bright white.