Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitchen WEEK- my cupboards

Hmm... a few days into kitchen week and I ran out of steam seemingly. I think maybe 'cause I keep using the kitchen and thus not allowing for fine daylight photographing.

Here's me cupboards. Up high is the flower vases and pitchers. Then the glassware: tumblers, goblet, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes. Hard to believe I actually use all of that. But I do. I mean seriously, what else can you pour a cosmo into?
Dinnerware. The shelf under the glasses houses our "wedding" china which we actually use regularly. It's got a black and white damask pattern. Then there's the yellow Isaac Mizrahi for Target lemon bowls, then the Ikea square bowls, and the gotmilk? bowls from the milk room days of college, one of the rare sentimental items I still own. Bottom row houses the black dinnerware I want to replace for all white. Except for my salad plates that were a gift from Jill 'cause they're cute.
Everyday drinkware. Lemon Mizrahi plastic tumblers, pint glasses, more glasses, goblets, coffee mugs, take out mugs, tupperware, water bottles, and the top houses the cupcake towers used more often than I'd care to admit.
The cupboard shelves next to the stove.
Party supplies in ready to go basket with Happy Birthday Sign, old school napkin dispenser, tiny plates. Galvanized tins with toothpicks, scoops, salt & pepper packets, etc.
Row of more galvanized tins with various disposable utensils in various colors. If you want to judge me based on this I would not blame you, but are you surprised?
While some citizens keep their oven mitts in drawers or hang them on walls, I keep mine in a cupboard. Right next to the replacement Brita water filters, mortar & pestle, ring box to house engagement ring for messy projects, and another ingenious gift from Jill a tortilla oven which softens your tortillas perfectly in the microwave. You should get one.
And my favorite little shelf, with my spices, kosher salt, butter dish, cooking spray, and whole black peppercorns. This is not all my spices, this is the special stuff, and doesn't include the stuff in the pantry, that is coming later today.
I feel so exposed, I think I'll go put on some pants.

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