Friday, March 19, 2010

scenes from the front patio

I've spent three days in the front patio "gardening" that's what it's called right? There was a lot of raking involved as well as pulling some roots out that belonged to former ugly plants.

I also finally did something about this formerly empty galvanized tin which now has herbs:
I moved the chair and table to the front, added a polka dot thing and a pink plants, insta-bistro:
The shelf of herbs/plants needs a few more guys to complete it but I like how colorful all the plant pots look:
Pretty pretty please survive little gardenia. I promise to water you and give you plant food and compost. You smell so nice. Grow! Multiply!
One more of these benches is coming so we can be seat four:
Matt thinks it's cute that I've moved onto the outside. I know NOTHING about gardening and yard work so I'm just trying my best and giving it a shot. I guess I'm going to have to not ignore the garden section of better homes and gardens.

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