Monday, March 1, 2010

three emails

I have three emails

1) for work and personal
2) for online accounts and purchases
3) joint email for matt and i that our families use to communicate to both of us and used for our monthly bills and financials that we both access (our bank, credit card, etc.)

How many do you have?


thehickles said...


1) work- I almost never use it
2) hotmail- had it since high school
3) gmail- it's a more professional address, but I just have it forwarded to my hotmail...

ambre said...

Down to just one at the moment. Now that I'm jobless I have no work e-mail, and my bubbs has been full for so long (though I still send my junkmail there).

I thought of you today because I subbed high school broadcasting, in their media room/studio with green screen and such. It was really fun.