Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kitchen WEEK- inside my draws

For some reason writing that makes me think of The Fresh Prince. Anyways...

Let's bask in the glory of my obsessive compulsive disorder for a little bit. You know, the same disorder that made me want to buy a certain fabric softener because the bottle was yellow. Sickens your stomach doesn't it? I dunno why God made me this way, just take it up with him while you see what a normal human being has her kitchen drawers look like 99% of the time, yes, 99% of the time they look this neat. Now I'M sick to my stomach.

1) Silverware drawer. NOT the pancake drawer (Ali, wazzup). The silverware was free leftover from a honeycomb shoot. Various serving spoons. Forks separated by salad and regular. Chinese soup spoons in the back. Black reusable chopsticks with the salad knives.  To the right, bottle openers. Cheese knives & spreaders. Cheese graters, slicer, and knife sharpener.
2) Dish towels/cloths. Clockwise from the upper left hand corner: Dwell studio for Target kitchen towels that are there for looks only and not to be used, I am that person. Small kitchen towels to dry little things. Microfiber cleaning cloths. Cloth diapers. Small box of rubber bands taken from various bouquets of grocery store flowers. Drying towels. New kitchen towels that are not for looks only.
3) Food storage/keeping. Parchment paper. Wax Paper. Cling Wrap. Crap I'm out of aluminum foil, must write on grocery list. Quart size ziploc bags. Sandwich size ziploc bags. Sandwich bags. Paper bags. Plastic tupperware I don't care about giving away.
4) Bags. This is the 1% I was referring to. I decided to only keep the Target and fresh & easy bags here and when more pile up they end up next to the kitty litter box for trash bag usage. Under the conspicuously placed Joan's on Third and Williams Sonoma bags is paper bags from Trader Joe's and what have you. I was aware these images were going into cyberspace and thus wanted to appear to be hoity toity.
5) Kitchen utensils. The oft used drawer. I like seeing the shiny Kitchen Aid stuff sitting together, otherwise I'd just put them in the utensil caddy next to the stove where I store my daily use utensils. I can proudly say that I use all of these tools here. There is not an idle tool in the lot. What? You don't use an apple corer on a daily basis? You're not living dear.
6) Liz's drawer. Did I mention my sister Liz (7 months pregnant) is staying with us 'til she pops? Anyway, she has a drawer 'cause she's a meat eater and we separate her tools from ours. Kind of reminds me of a kosher lifestyle of a certain friend of mine. Her knives I banded in blue painter's tape so we wouldn't confuse them with ours that don't cut meat. I saw that trick at The Napa Rose in Disneyland, the head chef had his knives wrapped in red tape.
7) Baking utensils. Rolling Pin ("Do you have a rolling pin?" "On Me?") Cookie cutters I've NEVER used 'cause I don't like baking cookies. Trivets. Pastry cutter. And cupcake liners of various colors 'cause I like baking cupcakes (coconut ones tomorrow).
8) Misc pans. Heart shapped cake I remember days after Valentine's day thinking, oh I should have made some heart shaped cake. I like that round pan, its multi use.
9) Bonus drawer! Under the stove, where the baking sheets and pans go.

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thehickles said...

I don't like baking cookies either!