Friday, March 12, 2010

Kitchen WEEK- my countertops, etc

I wanted very much to have my countertops be barren but I realized that most of my cooking goes on on the giant island so the countertops are used for you know, EVERYDAY living. I am happy to see this sight daily. Teapot, coffee maker, accoutrements:
Trays are great for making things look contained:
Dreaded evil beast. Gravy boat, lemon scented candle (ridiculous):
Four slice toaster. Fake lemon tree. Lemon spoon rest.
Shelf over oven got more crowded:
Cutesy yellow utensil holder. Spice rack. Limes. Digital kitchen timer:
My stool. I sit on it while everyone else sits across from me on the white stools, I also put my cookbooks I'm working on there and the cat sits on it and gives me funny looks:
And the top of my fridge.
The rest you've seen.

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