Friday, March 8, 2013

sexy thy name is bookshelf

Due to our miniscule living room the books had to find a new home. The room that has a plethora of space is our master bedroom and after years of room board concepts with the Parsons Tower in them, Matt thought they were fine and so we bought two.
We bought two because we weren't sure if a third would be overkill but after Matt opened up all thirty boxes of books relocating the kids books to the guest room and the decor magazines to my office, we will be making another trip to West Elm for the third one. This photo was taken before Matt put all the books on the shelf which in the end did all fit on two but only if they were all stacked and not laid out proper on spines which takes up a lot of room.
Not only do we want to add the books to display but also Matt's collection of action figures and maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to squeeze in a photo or two. Maybe even a globe with a light in it or a vintage fan and Tivoli radio.
I sent the photo of the shelves in process and Ali said they were sexy.
I'd like to think so.

Have a good weekend. I'll be in La Mirada for a bridal shower and then gonna really try hard to get the master suite in organizational order 'cause right now it is a mess.

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