Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the master "suite"

I took these photos before we built the bookshelves just to show you the current status of our master bedroom. Tomorrow hopefully I'll show you that it looks a little better than that. 
Sexy curtain situation. Aww yeah.
This looks okay except now I'm in the midst of moving my makeup station in here and that has caused me some troubles and I'll show you the eventual solution solve of this problem-o.
Mismatched bath mats. This whole bathroom just simply does not having enough storage in there since it just has four little drawers, a cabinet space under the sink, and no medicine cabinet whereas before we had three large drawers in between our two sinks and the cabinet space under both sinks AND the cabinet in the room with the shower but since everything's all together now it's a bit of a challenge. Not that I'm complaining. I am just so relieved and happy that we were able to find a house in Burbank that had a master suite in our price range 'cause that is not easy to accomplish in Burbank believe you me.
The shower actually doesn't have a storage problem since this one has shelves in the shower for our goodies and having a bathtub in our room and a wider place to shower has been a huge bonus.
I want to mount some shelves in here above the toilet.
My side has way more stuff now. This looks neat now but it's not conducive to daily grooming.
Eventually Matt will take my tallboy dresser and I'll switch to a wider one instead. 
Yup. his drums are in our bedroom. There was no where else for them.
Obviously this was taken before I assembled the two bookcases.
Tomorrow: some progress. Only a little so keep those expectations pretty darn low.

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