Friday, March 1, 2013

the front of the house

A lot of focus is put on the inside of our house and not to be shown up but the outside of our house is pretty gosh darn adorable and ripe with potential. Here she is. She needs a theatrical name.
We park in the driveway and walk right in to our home. Not having a garage has not been a big deal, in fact it's almost more convenient not wrestling our way in and out of a crammed garage.
The side fence goes into the backyard where we hope to fence the doggies in during the day so they don't run around the backyard pooping and peeing at will. I'd like to replace that tree with something nice and shady since it's the window to my office and it would be nice to have some shade for privacy and natural cooling.
The entrance to the house has steps that come in from the side and this little porch but I'd love to make it so you enter from the front.
Like these photos that have been in my pinterest board without my realizing that this sort of entry is very achievable due to the layout of our house. This top one is my favorite I mean come on what don't I love about it? The black roof, the extended awning, the painted brick pillars, the concrete steps, the jute rugs, the potted plants, the modern house numbers, the door knocker, the window above the door and of course the most important element: the beautiful yellow door.
I love this door as well, especially since the house is grey and the hardware is oil rubbed bronze.
And this one I'm pretty sure I loved because of that light fixture. I might save the star fixture for my office and have something a little plainer instead but that star sure is a statement.
Back to circa now, I wanna grab some cool house numbers. The ones on the house now are so faded.
One of the first projects Matt took on was replacing all the locks and exterior doorknobs on the house as a safety thing but while we were at it we went with doorknobs that were more our style. 
Blech this door.
 Blech this light fixture.
The white thing to the left of the fence is the mailbox which is super lame. I want to install two of them one for us and one for our tenants with our initials on them.
So now let's go into the front yard and the dreams of a garden girl.
The tree in the middle, not the one closest to the mailbox but the other one is an orange tree we think. I hope it's gonna give off some fruit 'cause I could really go for some free fresh squeezed OJ.
My dad loves this bushe but I'm not so keen. Whack whack.
And then magic of magic: a rosemary bush. A BIG ONE.
I had completely forgotten we had a rosemary bush and luckily before we headed to the grocery store where on my shopping list was "rosemary" we were outside saying goodbye to our house guest and I realized oh yeah, we have rosemary! The bees are buzzing like crazy right now and that makes this girl very happy. If I was more of a baller I'd start a little hive.
Dan and Jill and Jason and Em bought us a housewarming lime tree. This guy plus our orange tree here and the orange tree we already had is shaping up to be an mini orchard up front, just as I had hoped.
Maybe the lime tree can go in this corner over here. Then around the edge we can plant more edibles. Tomatoes where those plants are? Some kale? Green onions? Cilantro? The possibilites are endless!
And for all the ladies out there, here's a little Woz nose.
Enjoy. We sure are enjoying our home! 

Have a good weekend. I'll be at Lowe's. Probably.

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