Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the bedroom slightly improved but not much actually

First and foremost it's time to admit to the internet that contrary to popular belief: namely mine, I am NOT handy. I can build you a piece of Ikea furniture easily but more than that I am worthless when it comes to home improvement projects. I think it's because I have no patience and want instant gratification whereas true home improvement takes time. All this to say it took me a good hour to hang up the curtains in our bedroom. Sure now that they're done and the ones in the guest room, it should be easier to tackle the living room. I suppose it's worth it to have drapes and not just panels nailed to the wall or held up by painter's tape.
As you can tell: we do not have a bed frame. Once it came apart we just kept it apart and gave it to a friend since we'll be upgrading the bed, mattress, and bedding. I want to get new nightstands but I'm gonna wait for the bed but everything in this room must go.
Except these big boys and their soon to be new brother. Maybe I'll start referring to the bookcases as the triplets. These are all of our books believe it or not and the reason they all fit is because they're stacked, once number three comes along we'll store them the proper way.
The new brother will go here, which will force me to find homes for these things. Our master didn't have a lot of wall stuff because the room was so in flux it wasn't worth it.
The top of the dresser is a source of paralysis for your truly but meh...
I put perfume bottles on a tray.
Matt trimmed the tree and I grabbed some trimmed flowering branches and put them in water. They're so purty, I wish they'd stay this way forever.
I bought myself this waterstone succulent as a homewarming present for myself.
I had purchased this shelf to hang above the toilet but now I'm not sure.
Matt's drums are still here in this corner.
Close up of the curtain. Let us never speak of curtain hanging again.
And this guy obviously has to change. Taller and narrower?
Storage above this place needs to happen but something better than what I had planned.
The rest of the space...
Nothing much changed.
I added this shelf we hope to build into with two tall medicine cabinets one for each of us.
Ah little jars of q-tips and cotton rounds and cotton balls.
I couldn't make it any prettier and I don't have room to hide all of this so there it is.
Moved the hamper here, it's not quite the right size.
 See how much is jammed into these little drawers? Again: not complaining.
And my closet. I ran out of steam so here's a bunch of pictures, you'll get the idea. Oh and my side is full of things that will eventually go in our shed and are here for now since the top shelf was actually empty and I didn't have room elsewhere. Oh and I put on my makeup in here instead of the bathroom. I got a bunch of bathroom organizational stuff from Ikea for the makeup.
I can't wait to make the whole room feel like a grown up's room. It's getting there.

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